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Sustainability is arguably one of the most important things in any business. Of course growth is very important, but it has to be sustainable. High sale rates really don’t mean much if it is not sustainable. In order to achieve long-term success, you have to ensure that whatever you create has to be sustainable. One of the best ways ensure sustainability is through local SEO. It will assure that you are among the top in local search results.

In a world that is ruled by keywords, you have to ensure that you are a worthy competitor. Big corporations spend millions in order to rank for top industry keywords. This makes it hard to compete with them. However, you can definitely compete in a different area – local SEO. Before going at this on your own, you could consider hiring an expert in SEO Cape Town. It might be better for your business if you were to make use of one of the best SEO companies.

Nonetheless here are some Local SEO tips to help you get started:

List your business on Google

This should basically be the first thing you do for your business. Being listed on Google will do wonders for your business. The majority of consumers Google for local business before making any purchases. Google will guide you through all the steps to get your business locally listed.


Get listed in the correct directory

It is pretty obvious that you would want to get listed on high quality directories that are used by your industry. You can also ask your SEO Cape Town agency to do this for you. These directories will greatly improve your search ranking. The simplest version of this is to go to “Moz local”, you can also consider applying to Bing and Yahoo – or once again ask an SEO Cape Town business to do it for you.


Choose the correct tile tags

This is probably the easiest step you can take to impact your search rankings greatly. Be sure to include local SEO information when you fill out titles on your web pages. This is a vital piece of code. Keep it in mind that Google does not rank websites, they rank separate pages. So be sure to localize each page in order to effect organic search results. The best format that you can make use of is “Primary Keyword – Secondary Keyword/Brand name”.



This is where web design comes in. I cannot stress how important it is that you have a great website. You should definitely make use of some of the best web design companies. Make use of search terms such as WEB DESIGN CAPE TOWN when trying to find somebody to design your website. NAP – Name, Address, Phone number. This information should be placed somewhere highly visible on your homepage (header, footer or menu). You should also ensure that you have NAP on your mobile page, as well as on every page. Your web designer ought to do this without needing to be asked, but you can always tell them just to be sure.


Use Google+

Be sure to create a Google+ page and more importantly keep it as active as possible. The activity on your Google+ page is weighed differently than the activity on other social media platforms. Google+ can be awesome for rankings since it was specifically designed for SEO. Use Google+ similarly to Facebook and be sure to encourage your clients or customers to write reviews. The reviews on a Google+ business page can be a powerful local SEO tool. Here you can also consider employing an SEO Cape Town agency in order to ensure that your Google+ page thrives.