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With more and more web users viewing a record number of websites with the use of their tablets and smartphones, it has never been more imperative to make sure that your website or blog has a design which is mobile responsive. Since the majority of online users are now using mobile devices, it is no longer enough that your site looks good and works well when viewed on a PC. In addition to this, Google has also added mobile-friendliness to its SEO guidelines for websites. Since having a mobile responsive design is now more important than ever before, we have listed some of the basic practices of a mobile responsive web design Cape Town.

Begin with Branding

Whether you are looking after the coding of your site’s design or if you are paying somebody else to do it, ensuring that you start with your brand first and foremost is undeniably essential. When putting a responsive design together for your website or blog, it is not only important to ensure that your brand’s persona, values and voice is clearly communicated when viewed on a PC, but on any other device as well. Paying attention to your branding and making sure that each of your visitors knows your brand, its values, and what has to offer is vital.

Page Loading Time

The amount of time that your website and its pages take to load can be more important to the success of your business than you could possibly realize. Research shows that a large percentage of internet users expect a webpage to load within a matter of seconds, and if it does not, they will go elsewhere without a second thought instead of waiting. With such high expectations when it comes to loading speed, it is not only vital that you choose a web design Cape Town which is responsive, but also ensure that it is uncluttered, simple and ready to load quickly on any device. Page speed is also essential to your SEO efforts, with Google posing more favour to websites that load quickly.

Content Strategy

Choosing a responsive design that allows you to effortlessly update the content on your site or blog is essential. Your content strategy should be a priority when it comes to creating a responsive web design. Along with making sure that the text content is also responsive and that readers can view blog posts, articles, and text on webpages easily on any device, it is also important to understand that these days, web users are increasingly looking for different forms of content to words.

Images or videos, for example, should be able to be included in your responsive design in order to improve the experiences of your website visitors. A mobile responsive web design Cape Town is crucial for any site owner or blogger today. However, when choosing a responsive design for your site or blog, there are several important practices that should be taken into consideration.